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A Panel Discussion on Latin American Theatre in London

Silver Lining Theatre and Artes Escénicas Rayuela present:


A Panel Discussion on Latin American Theatre in London

In 1967 Argentine playwright Griselda Gambaro wrote Siamese Twins, a play which served as a premonition for the state-sponsored violence that would follow a few years later during the Dirty Wars. Throughout her work, Gambaro explores the darker side of human nature and the relationship between citizens and their governments through grotesque characters and harrowing imagery. Now, in 2011 Siamese Twins along with several other Latin American plays such as Las Brutas Juan Radrigán, La Chunga by Mario Vargas Llosa, and Our Private Life by Pedro Miguel Rozo are being performed on London´s stages. These stories present visions of Latin America previously not seen by British audiences, offering new perspectives on their everyday life and traditions.

Upsidedown/Inside-out brings together several key scholars and artists to discuss the relationship between Latin American politics and theatre in London. Join us as we address the ways in which artists in London develop textual and cultural translation of Latin American works and how audiences´ prejudices of Latin America may or may not be challenged through such stagings. This event coincides with the UK premiere of Gambaro’s Siamese Twins at the Theatro Technis and tickets for the production will be raffled off at this event.

19 September, 7:30 pm
Bolivar Hall
56 Grafton Way, London, W1t 5DL

Guest Speakers: Catherine Boyle, Gwen MacKeith, Gäel Le Cornec, Sue Dunderdale and Kate Eaton

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